“My work is directly influenced by my surroundings, my travel experiences, and by food. Especially the delicate shapes, textures and colors of fruit, the mark of graffiti and tag art, the shapes and lines created by cityscapes, mass transit, and the trains that pass by.”
– Jenifer Padilla

Padilla is a graduate of the North Carolina State University College of Design and has studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts in San Francisco, Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice, Italy and La Llotja Escola d’Art in Barcelona, Spain.

Currently, she works in a renovated warehouse in downtown Carrboro, a space she shares with other artists and writers. Her paintings are informed by a variety of media including photography, sketches, Xerox, and 8mm film.

The title of her current show “Making the grass greener” is a study in taking what is front of you and making it “greener” or appreciating what you have right in front of you and seeing it in a new light. Her most recent paintings were focused on what’s in season right now, from poison ivy to cherries to her surroundings at her new studio space in downtown Carrboro. Previously, Padilla was a member of the Antfarm, a cooperative studio in downtown Raleigh. The studio was a former home to the Raleigh Washboard Factory. Its rustic, urban surroundings and the collective experience of a co-op environment greatly influenced her work.

Padilla also traveled to Barcelona, where she studied with world- renowned Spanish artists Tom Carr and Carmen Miguel. Of her journey, Padilla says, “Barcelona was the most artistic and inspiring city I have ever been to. I was amazed by all the incredible graffiti, museums, public art, architecture, mass transit, design, city planning, performance art, and landscapes.”

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